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Companies do not move the world forward, people do. We are a team of more than 600 professionals working every day to empower farmers to farm our future.

We believe we will be part of the new world agriculture generation.

And you?

Safety, Empowerment, Ethics, Dedication and Striving are the values of Rovensa which apply to all companies of the Group. These values represent the attitudes we expect from our people to achieve our mission of feeding the Planet. To ensure the success of our teams, we need people who share these values and feel driven by this noble purpose.

Pedro Pereira, Rovensa Chief Human Resources Officer

What do we do?

Working in ASCENZA is much more than just a job, it is being part of what we believe is the biggest job on Earth – Farming. We are a multidisciplinary team working together to create Crop Protection solutions that ensure healthy and sustainable food.

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