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An Expansion History

The aim of ASCENZA, working in the crop protection market since 1965, is to bring the best solutions to its customers from a proximity perspective, so that together we can fulfill the mission of helping to feed a growing population. We have acquired remarkable capabilities to reinvent ourselves and adapt to market challenges over this evolutionary path of more than half a century. This timeframe has given us the

opportunity to consolidate knowledge, increase know-how and develop customised solutions for the agricultural community.

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At ASCENZA, we set ourselves the challenge of ensuring that all people have a healthy, balanced and affordable diet, without compromising the environmental balance. That's why, we work every day to find the best solutions for farmers. Above all, we want to understand, feel, see and be close to our clients reality. We achieve that by understanding the markets, our customers, the crops and being close with those who work the field. These values together with the constant search for new challenges, experience and know-how, have allowed us to grow and be a benchmark company in our sector.

João Martins, COO Crop Protection
ASCENZA has changed


At ASCENZA, the future of our farmers is the future of our community.

Our greatest value is the strength of the time that we build together and, therefore, we believe that the future is sowed through close relationships and trust.

Strong Roots

Our Mission

Our mission is to feed the world population using healthy and safe solutions, enabling balanced and sustainable agriculture. As part of the Rovensa Group, we aim to shape the way farmers can do more with less, giving consumers better products every day.

Our Vision

To be a worldwide benchmark in the crop protection business of differentiated off-patent products, giving farmers the solutions they need to farm our future.

Our Values

S.E.E.D.S Model
Safety is about sowing and empowering a safe team. We care and protect our people, striving for a Zero-Harm culture, where each of us counts.

Empowerment is about giving empowerment and feeling empowered. We give our people the space and the autonomy to carry out their decisions and to be responsible for the outcomes.

Ethics is about legal compliance and behaving in an honest and fair manner with all stakeholders. We do what we say and say what we do.

Dedication is about always doing our best and going above and beyond. We care for our company as if it is ours.

Striving is about resilience and not giving up. We look at problems as challenges and opportunities to make a difference.


ASCENZA derives from the Latin word "ascendere", which means “ascend, grow, raise”. This reflects the brand journey throughout the years, and we have inspired ourselves in the archetypal Mediterranean cork oak tree, that is a symbol of resilience, longevity and capacity for renewal, choosing this tree to illustrate our history and our logo.

Like the cork oak tree, ASCENZA establishes long-lasting relationships, based on its strength, and remaining rooted to our origins, we are prepared to explore other geographical regions and bring solutions to other agricultural communities.

Farming Your Future


At the centre of our development are the needs of our partners and farmers. Over the years, we have built long-lasting, deep relationships supported by extensive internal know-how and interdisciplinary work. Our close relationship with our customers has made us trustworthy and attentive to their needs, capable of bringing to live our shared ambitions.


We have a strong, practical and pragmatic way of working. We go straight to the point, and that is reflected in our portfolio and our agility in solving issues. We are trustworthy, simple and direct.


We listen actively to our customer needs. Our team, from the field to central services, work everyday to find the right solutions for farmers technical issues, and providing rapid technical support for our products.

Our Positioning

At ASCENZA, we are constantly evolving.

Over the years, we have matured our business, as well our expansion project.

Our investment in multidisciplinary teams, research and development allows us to offer excellent off-patent solutions to our customer needs.

Our strategy is set on four pillars, being one of them - Expand Business Growth, which will allow us to invest in leveraging the actual scalable pipeline into new geographies. Portfolio expansion will be done organically or through opportunistic acquisitions. Besides, the development of commercial, industrial and regulatory strategic partnerships is a key important tool to boost market opportunities and adapt to business evolution.

Rui Correia, ASCENZA Central Marketing Director

Portfolio Innovation

  • Our main concern is to develop a sustainable portfolio through significant investment in portfolio evolution, with business sustainability and value-added solutions as key drivers.


  • The state of the art manufacturing and R&D facilities plus its localization are the foundations for the speed to market, formulation and production quality.

Business Development

  • Expanding business growth through the leverage of our unique regulatory assets to new geographies and with new partnerships.

Customer Orientation

  • We have a pragmatic, customer-oriented strategy, using dynamic sales and marketing teams in the field to support our clients.

ASCENZA is a reference player, offering the market a balanced portfolio of solutions and a project that is:

Value Generator
Long Term
Multinationals with R&D, development of new active ingredients
ASCENZA - Generics companies with R&D, development of new products from off-patent active substances
Differentiation in terms of formulations
Independent Generics companies (self-supported)
Independent generics companies without their own support

Rovensa, Our Group

ASCENZA is part of the international Rovensa Group

which markets crop protection, bionutrition and biocontrol in more than 80 countries, with a direct presence in 30 countries. Rovensa has plants, research centres and laboratories in France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Ireland.

All Rovensa companies share synergies and offer a product catalogue that is complementary and has the same objective: Well Balanced Agriculture. This concept combines the key aspects of each company to ensure agriculture that provides safe and healthy, quality products with respect for the environment.

Business Units

Crop Protection

ASCENZA is the pillar of Crop Protection in Rovensa and operates in all the Southern European countries plus Mexico and Brazil, leading the off-patent market in Portugal and Spain. It’s a differentiated off-patent reference, with more than 40 active ingredient proprietary support, recognized by high-quality products and close relation to customers with solid alternative solutions.

The Crop Protection portfolio is also distributed through Selectis in Portugal and Tradecorp in Spain.


Tradecorp is a global benchmark in the development and manufacture of premium innovative Biostimulation solutions and Crop Nutrition specialities, which are marketed in more than 60 countries worldwide. Tradecorp provides a comprehensive, premium portfolio of products globally adapted to local agronomic conditions, comprising solutions such as biostimulants, chelates, and precision foliar fertilizers.

The recent acquisitions of Microquimica, in Brazil, and SDP, in France, have led to the company’s unprecedented growth and added extra value to Tradecorp’s portfolio, incorporating microbiological solutions, such as inoculants and bacterial extracts, along with cutting-edge adjuvants.

In addition, the recent acquisition of Rodel Flowers has given Tradecorp a new direct connection to the end user in Ecuador.


Idai Nature is a global leader in biocontrol solutions based on botanical extracts and microorganisms with a strong in-house R&D biocontrol pipeline, leading the Biocontrol Pillar of Rovensa. Idai Nature has a strong presence across the five continents, achieved by means of sustained and sustainable growth which generates value and a sense of belonging to the clients, employees, and shareholders.

Several companies are part of this Business Unit like Agrichem and Agrotecnología.

Most recently the Rovensa Group acquired ORO AGRI - a company that is a reference in global biological market globally.

ORO AGRI manufactures orange oil and other products in four different continents with factories in the USA, Brazil, South Africa, and Portugal, where it develops and manufactures patented products for agricultural, home, and industrial applications worldwide. Product categories include adjuvants, pesticides, soil conditioners or foliar feeds.

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